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Sprinkler Marker

First of all, after rolling up, we walk over the lawn making sure there are no objects which could cause problems on the lawn and remove them. Then we mark out all the sprinklers so as to not hit any.



After everything has been marked out and cleaned off the lawn, we start Vertimowing. The vertimower, which has around 25 tungsten tipped blades cut deep into the thatch, ripping it out and leaving it on top of the surface. A once over pass of the lawn is usually sufficient, however more will be done if needed.



The particular machine seen on the left is a Dwyer & Felton Vertimower. It is essential that this type of machine is used first as no other type of machine can do this part of the job properly enough.



Next step, after the vertimowing, the Groomer starts to work.This machine does most of the work by cleaning off all the thatch off the lawn. The Groomer has about 35 tungsten tipped blades which resemble circular saw blades.


These blades clean everything off the lawn similar to running a comb through your hair. This is the ONLY way to remove the clippings.




If a contractor wants to try and use a hand rake, FORGET IT, a hand rake cannot remove even 50% of what the Groomer can do.

Bin Hoist

While the grooming is taking place,all the clippings are transferred to bins which are then wheeled to our trailer which has been built specifically for the Vertimowing. The trailer has a hydraulic bin hoist which makes the process of removing the thatch reasonably easy.





Tip Trailer

Our trailer has a hydraulic tipping tray which makes the removal and dumping of the clippings effortless, which means it makes no difference to us how much thatch there is to remove.






Tip Trailer

A lot different from the majority of lawnmowing contractors who do vertimowing part time with a 6x4 trailer.




Finished Job

After all the Grooming has finished and we are right down to the soil and the root system, we then finish off with a Cylinder (roller) mower which has the cutting blade set to about 4mm. This finishing process is a must because it cleans off all the stubble leaving a nice flat finish.





Finished Job

One thing THATCH BUSTERS prides itself on is the neat appearance of the finished job. One thing you must ensure is whoever does your job make sure they cut the edges down with a whipper snipper to the same level as the root system.If there is still a green ring around the edge, demand it be done properly.





Root Stuble

The photo on the left is what the finished product should look like close up. You can click on the photo to get a closer look.


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