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Common weeds found in lawns and gardens in Perth, Western Australia..

A WEED is a plant growing where it is not wanted. Any species in the plant kingdom, including algae, ferns and trees, can be a weed. Many plants previously used as ornamentals, medicinal and culinary herbs and crops are today's weeds. Weeds are spread by a number of means, (Birds, Footwear, Car Tyres and Lawnmowing Contractors but the most common carrier is by far the wind.) When you see the wind blowing, you can bet there are millions of weed seeds dropping straight onto your lawn.
It is absolutely impossible to completely eradicate all weeds from a lawn (unless you want to spend 24 hours a day combing every square inch. It has taken me 5 years to get my lawn 95% weed free, but as I`m writing this I can see some of the little buggers growing right now.
DON'T let weeds stress you out. I used to go into a panic if I ever saw a weed growing. I would race up to the garden shed, grab the herbicide and prepare to do battle, only to see a few more pop up the next day.
I`ve seen some customers' marriages nearly break up because of weeds. If you have a major weed problem, just give THATCH BUSTERS a call and we'll fix your problem NO PROBLEM.

As you've been reading this, a whole bunch of weed photo's have been downloading beneath, these are just a few of the thousands of weeds out there. If you have a weed problem I bet you'll find it here. The reason I've chosen these ones is the fact that these are the main ones I see the most while renovating lawns in Perth WESTERN AUSTRALIA.
One thing to remember here is, you can only kill weeds which are present. Apart from a couple of exceptions (winter grass), you can't stop new weeds from growing. THATCH BUSTERS has a saying " WHAT'S THERE WILL GO, WHAT'S NOT MAY GROW".

If you would like a free quote on weed spraying for your lawn, just call 0418198148. Or email me Scott Morrow

BINDII: JOJO: The most annoying of all lawn weeds, but luckily the easiest to kill. As long as you hit it at the right time. SPRING is best, Mid August to Late October. No later. If you leave it too long the seed burrs will develop and your kids feet won't be happy.




CAT'S EAR: A broadleaf type weed. Easy to control, no real problem.

Cat`s Ear Weed

Cat`s Ear Weed



CARROT WEED: Often mistaken for Bindii. The weed is relatively harmless, however a bit unsightly. Starts growing mid Winter and continues through the Spring. Easy to kill.





DANDELION: CAPE WEED:One of the most common of weeds in lawns. Usually referred to as Broadleaf. Easy to eradicate.



WILD RADISH:                                THISTLE:      

Wild Radish




CLOVER: An eyesore but very easy to kill. If left unchecked,it can smother entire lawns, killing off the lawn under it.


Verge Clover




CUDWEED: Another broadleaf weed, but this one is more difficult to kill. Usually two treatment are needed,due to the fact that there is a shiny coating on the surface,which prevents the herbicide from entering on the first application.

PIG WEED: This weed grows in the same areas as clover. Looks similar. It has a succulent texture with shiny appearance. Easy to kill.







CREEPING OXALIS: Often referred to as clover, but this weed is a lot more aggressive than clover. In the past it has been virtually impossible to control. However THATCH BUSTERS can control this pest of a weed successfully. A mainly summer grower, but it can keep growing all year.


Creeping Oxalis


Creeping Oxalis

Creeping Oxalis



CAUSTIC WEED: Very similar to Creeping Oxalis, and luckily can be treated at the same time with the same chemicals.

Caustic Weed

Caustic Weed



LOVE GRASS: More of a problem in factory lawns and road verges. Can`t be selectively treated, however, spot treating can work well.


CRAB GRASS: Not my favorite weed. Very difficult to eradicate. An aggressive summer grower, which can multiply very quickly. It can be treated, however good results are not guaranteed.

Love Grass

Crab Grass



NUT GRASS or MULLIMBIMBI COUCH, is a summer grower with a couch like runner system. Difficult to kill with just one treatment. May need 2-3 hits.

Nut Grass : Mulllimbimbi Couch

Nut Grass.Mullimbimbi Couch



ONION GRASS or GUILDFORD GRASS: Was a major problem in home lawns, but now THATCH BUSTERS can successfully treat this annoying weed.

Onion Grass : Guildford Grass

Onion Grass : Guildford Grass

WINTER GRASS: Is a weed which germinates around May-June.
It must be tackled early, because once established it is very difficult to treat.

Winter Grass

Winter Grass

Killing Couch & Kykuyu in garden beds is one of Thatch Busters specialties.


Sprayed on Day 1.


7 Days after spraying


14 Days after spraying



21 Days after spraying


28 Days after spraying


Weeds don't need planting in well-drained soil; they don't ask for
fertilizer or bits of rag to scare away the birds. They come without
invitation; and they don't take the hint when you want them to go.
Weeds are nobody's guests: More like squatters


If I wanted an easy care garden, I would have planted weeds.


Plant and your spouse plants with you; weed and you weed alone.


But make no mistake: the weeds will win: nature bats last.


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